Galantis has always been one of the most exciting acts in the dance music scene in recent years. Their energy and positive vibes are incomparable and this weekend was no different as Galantis performed to a sold out Brooklyn Mirage show on Friday night.

Over the years, Galantis has brought us countless iconic tracks and they were put to the test at the show this past Friday. Christian of Galantis took the stage by himself this weekend but there was no shortage of energy. In classic Galantis style, Christian brought out all the instruments for a live music component to the performance. The pyrotechnics and lasers were just as impressive as it fully completed the experience for the fans to go along with the upbeat music. All their classic sing-along tracks like ‘Runaway’, ‘No Money’ and of course some of their newer tracks like ‘Run’ with Beacky Hill and ‘1×1’ were played during the show to the delight of the fans.

Galantis has always been one of those acts that are must see whenever they come to town. There are not too many performances in the dance music scene that can electrify the crowd like the seawolf duo. Make sure to keep an eye out for when Galantis may be heading to a city near you.