TECHNO WORLDS Book Tells All on Genre’s Influence

A new book titled ‘TECHNO WORLDS‘ will come out at the beginning of summer. The book is based on the Goethe-Institut exhibition of the same name. In fact, this art exhibition examines techno music’s historical impact on modern art, technology, personal identity, and club culture. On June 22nd, the 300-page paperback book will be available to the public.

The ‘TECHNO WORLDS’ exhibition is already on a worldwide tour. It presents the explorations of the genre made by international artists and musicians. The title refers to the multifaceted techno scenes and genres in addition to subcultural political projects of the 1980s to the present day – at different times and places – and traces cultural and economic appropriation processes. Here is what you should expect from the exhibition and the book, according to Goethe-Institut :

“The worldwide touring exhibition TECHNO WORLDS does not aim to wallow in nostalgia but to depict the future-pointing visions of a lifestyle culture whose adaptability and unwieldiness have remained unique. Techno and rave culture, with their countless access points, remain energetic, authentic, vibrant and adaptable today only thanks to their perpetual practice and the retention of open spaces where experimentation can take place”

Moreover, the ‘TECHNO WORLDS’ book includes more than 80 illustrations. It also has written contributions from international artists like DeForrest Brown Jr., Alva Noto, Chicks On Speed, and Ryoji Ikeda. Detroit visual artist Abdul Qadim Haqq is one of the figures to contribute art to the project.

As stated above, the book will only come out on June 22. However, those interested in securing in advance a copy of ‘TECHNO WORLDS’ can pre-order it here. For more information on the Goethe-Institut’s art exhibition, click here.

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