Insomniac owner, Pasquale Rotella says on Instagram that Insomniac will be celebrating their 30th year in business with Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) 2023. With only days since EDC 2022 Insomniac will put tickets for 2023 on sale on Thursday. A festival goer only needs to put 10 dollars down for any ticket type to start a layaway plan. With this recent announcement who would want to miss possibly one of the biggest EDC’s yet.

Pasquale Rotella and EDC announcements

The EDM icon, Pasquale Rotella always takes charge and goes public with his announcements his self. He never hides behind a face or brand. No matter if a festival is being announced or a simple daily update during a festival. Pasquale will jump on social media and greet fans with a friendly post. At this years EDC Pasquale walked through the masses. He met people spreading his gratitude and love to their support and attendance.

Continuing his methods he posted on instagram with lots of good news about the coming year. This is what he said about this past weekend at EDC.

You, the Headliners, are the pulse of EDC, the energy that creates the magic we all feel when we’re here together. I’ve been around the world and back, to countless shows & festivals, and I can tell you confidently that nothing compares to the feeling of being here with all of you. I already have a bad case of the EDC blues but I’m leaving here with renewed energy to keep sharing the love of our community with the world more than ever before. 

Pasquale Rotella

He continued with information about the coming year.

in 2023 we’ll be celebrating 30 YEARS of Insomniac and we’ll return Under the Electric Sky for #EDCLV2023 on May 19, 20 & 21! We have so many special experiences and surprises in store & I can’t wait to share them with all of you.

Pasquale Rotella
Kinetic Field – 2022

Insomniac makes itself bigger and bigger every year under the influence of Pasquale. Their home festival, EDC is their staple all across the world showcasing the best artist in the scene. They cater to their concert goers A.K.A their “Headliners”. Giving them the possibility to lock in a ticket before sell outs for as little as 10 dollars is big moves towards 2023. If you didn’t get to experience EDC and want to now is your chance. Also, check out the EDC stream to get a taste before you spend that 10 dollars.