New Audio Format Combines CD and Vinyl to Improve Analog Sound

There is a new medium of music coming to market. It takes the aluminum disc elements of CD and combines it with lacquer painted Vinyl spirals that play music when a stylus is added to it. The company, NeoFidelity Inc. hopes to bring back the love for analog sound in a world that seems to become more digital with every passing day. They are calling the invention ‘Ionic Original’.

Founder T-Bone Burnett recently re-recorded some of the Bob Dylan tracks that he played on as a producer and guitarist. Burnett believes that analog sound adds a ‘warmth to the room’ and that analog sound has

‘more depth, more harmonic complexity, more resonance, better imaging.’

The new disc formatting is the first breakthrough of its kind in over a half-century. With Vinyl sales on the rise the last several years, there just might be some space in the market share for some new analog media in the grand industry of music.