Grum ft. Natalie Shay – Don’t Look Down

Grum and UK singer-songwriter Natalie Shay team up for another emotive, deep track titled ‘Don’t Look Down‘. Their last track together ‘Stay‘ was featured on Grum’s Deep State album, where he takes a different turn on his sound. Offering new direction from his trance past, we’re getting a look at progressive side of things from him.

‘Don’t Look Down’ is straight off his forthcoming album Unreality, which releases June 24th. This will be his fourth artist album and most reflective work to date. Natalie’s vocals lend to the 80s-inspired atmosphere. With the synth work in the background accompanying the melody, it gets better the more you listen to it. It’s euphoric and vintage sounding with a nuanced, proactive message. Challenge your outlook on the world with Grum.

“This is about remembering our humanity, which perhaps we lost a little bit over the last couple of years. Maybe we can get a bit of it back in the dark, under some strobe lights. It just felt right to kick off this album with a track with Natalie. It started as a little melody progression which I sent over to her. [She] came back with this vocal that helped turn it into an 80’s stadium, Heart inspired, monster.”

Grum, on Don’t Look Down

Now, fans can look forward to an introspective album with idea-driven songs that reflect Graeme’s personal, emotional journey over the past two years. From the summer of 2020, he started ‘rediscovering a lot of 80s music as a form of therapy’. that turned into doing special 80s live streams to connect with his fans. As we long for the ‘simpler and happier times’ with him, the second half exudes the ‘darker, apocalypse rave feel’.

Check out the first single off his upcoming album now.

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