Chris Lake & Cloonee Haunt Our Dreams With New Track ‘Nightmares’

Chris Lake & Cloonee are about to scare every club in the world. The new collaboration ‘Nightmares’ between these house giants features eerie children’s vocals. This track will haunt your future dreams. As the clock begins to slowly strike, the child walks us into the beat. While the kick keeps beating like a heart a moving grimy bass begins the nightmare.

As energy begins to surge we are thrown into a groovy drop. A braintingling synth dances around a heavy bassline. Quickly a second drop comes around that haunts us even further. A scintillating fake-out brings even more tension. The original moving bass is more prominent in drop 2 and I am here for it.

This is the first true collaboration between these two artists. Cloonee remixed Chris Lakes’ mega-hit ‘Turn Off The Lights’ just recently. It is super sweaty and the bassline reminds me of this song as well.

Chris Lake is currently on tour. He will be at EDC Las Vegas, Phoenix Raceway, The Brooklyn Mirage, and many more locations this Summer. Cloonee is also on tour and will be hitting EDC as well on top of Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge and HARD Summer.

Make sure to check out ‘Nightmares’ below to be spoked!