Cercle Invites Jamie Jones to Perform at Pliva Waterfall in Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Jamie Jones live stream will take place at the Pliva Waterfall in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The techno artist is teaming up with Cercle, a broadcasting company to perform his debut stream. You can’t get much better than a techno set over a roaring waterfall. Let’s take a look at some of the details.

Jamie Jones live stream details

The Jamie Jones live stream is set to air on May 30th 2022. Thats less than a month away so if you’re techno fan or just like waterfalls, add it to your schedule. With it being a worldwide stream you’re going to want to pay attention to the exact time. It looks like EST will be 1:30 pm and PST will be 10:30 am.

More on Jamie Jones and Cercle

Jamie Jones is known for his distinct sound and melodic take to the EDM scene. He is not only a producer but a curator and fellow band member. Jamie is founder of he Paradise global event series and a member of the band, Hot Natured. Given the responsibility to impress millions over a exotic land mark will be an easy task for him.

Also, with the help of Cercle entertainment business this live stream will be top notch. Cercle is the type of business that knows exactly what it does and does it perfectly. They work with the likes of Above & Beyond, Boris Brejcha, Bob Moses and many other well known artist. Just recently they hosted their first event as a record label. So not only do they have amazing shows all over the world, they also publish music now. Anyways, the Cercle crew is one circle of people to really pay attention to.

With the combination of a techno legend and Cercle, the Jamie Jones live stream over Pliva waterfall will make history. Live streams have swept the world since the COVID-19 pandemic. They started off in bedrooms, garages, warehouses, you name it. Now, in 2022 we have waterfalls. What could possibly be next? Follow Cercle and stay informed with all their fantastic events they hold all over the world.

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