Andrew Rayel is back with another single. This time, the trance producer teams up with Sam Gray – the vocalist for the track – for ‘Wild Feelings‘, which is featured on Armada Music‘s label.

‘Wild Feelings’ made its world premiere on May 11th, in the 305th episode of Andrew Rayel’s radio show Find Your Harmony. However, you may already have heard the track or at least another version of it before. As a matter of fact, the DJ from Moldova played a club mix of ‘Wild Feelings’ at Ultra Music Festival in Miami back in March. He also played this version in episode 300 of Find You Harmony.

The song is really different from what Andrew Rayel usually produces. Nonetheless, it is nothing short of amazing. ‘Wild Feelings’ is a piano house track that is catchy and bouncy, so it makes it a perfect song for the summer.

Obviously, having Sam Gray as the vocalist on the song is a real plus. The writer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer is already well-known to be one of the great talents in the industry. You may know him from The Chainsmokers‘ and ILLENIUM hit ‘Takeaway‘ or maybe Omi & Felix Jaehn’s ‘Masterpiece‘. Gray is also part of a country duo, BROWN & GRAY which has a Billboard Top 40 hit titled ‘Top Down‘. I think it’s fair to say that the man does it all, and this is why a collaboration with Andrew Rayel makes an amazing track like ‘Wild Feelings’.

You can stream ‘Wild Feelings’ below and on all streaming platforms.

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