Alesso Drops His Club-Ready VIP Remix Of ‘Words’

The Alesso remix we have been waiting for is finally here. Alesso’s pop hit ‘Words’ with Zara Larrson surged on the radio. Now, we have the dark dance VIP version getting us sweaty.

With a run time of over 5 minutes, Alesso takes us on a journey. The original was just over 2 minutes so this makes me very happy. A long mix-in gets us ready for formant shifted Zara vocals. Alesso has been doing this a lot more often, especially during his live shows. Given I like dance music more than Pop I love this version a lot more. The pop one is super catchy though.

The drop will light up any club and is festival season ready. Drum galore controls the groove while a booming sub hits the chest. The track aligns with his Progresso and Eclipse movement over the last few years. There is a deeply moving bridge after the first drop. It is filled with tension and beauty. As the energy rises again we are thrown into a second drop. This one features some wonky synths.

Alesso has a massive Summer ahead of him. He will be at almost every major EDM Festival including Beyond Wonderland, Tomorrowland, Electrobeach, and Sunrise Festival. You can check out his full tour schedule here.

Make sure to check out Alesso’s VIP Remix of ‘Words’ below!