Move over Techno, after sitting at second place for the past two years, Tech House has overtaken Techno as the most popular electronic genre in sales. According to a a newly released business report presented at Ibiza’s International Music Summit (IMS) — which encompassed everything from sales, to streams, to shares — Tech House shot past the previous favorite in Beatport sales in 2021, marking it the new best-seller. House music however, has stayed stationary in third place.

Now you might be wondering, what is the difference between Techno, House, and Tech House? Well, Insomniac has the perfect article for you. Published in 2017 by Jonny Coleman, How to Talk to Your Kids About Tech House is a very informative read and lays out the nuances of the merging of Techno and House music to create a new naughty genre.

“Most tech house you’re going to run into will lie somewhere in that 110–130-BPM range. In my experience, tech house tracks are great at seductively unwinding in suspenseful arrangements, carefully building and unraveling. Tech house is usually a bit more dramatic and explosive than minimal techno and will often come with a seedy, sexy bassline as its underbelly.”

-Jonny Coleman for Insomniac Jul 25, 2017