Mt. Sierra Releases His Best Song To Date, ‘6 AM In Vegas’

Mt. Sierra sure knows how to get our attention. The Los Angeles-based DJ has had a phenomenal debut, delivering a series of memorable tracks. He has also shown his ability to handle a crowd behind the decks with finesse. With that in mind, we bring you his latest release, ‘6 AM in Vegas’, marking his sixth track release.

Mt. Sierras new track '6 AM in Vegas' is exactly what your playlist needs.

More often than not, we find ourselves wondering “when did this guy become so big?”. In reality, the grind, effort, faith, and heart of the producer have been there for us to see for months. Mt. Sierra is the perfect example of someone who puts in the hours, did the work, and is now ready for the next level. The producer’s rise inside the LA scene is no mere luck. His work inside the studio, behind the decks, and as part of the community is an example of the way this industry works. Now, with this latest track, Mt. Sierra shows that there’s definitely a time to work and a time to play.

6 AM In Vegas

Similar to what Noizu said about his track ‘Summer 93’, Mt. Sierra’s latest hit comes from a place that can’t be imagined. You have to experience it. This is a track that comes from countless parties and stories. Staying up at 6 AM in one of the biggest party cities in the world. Those moments are the ones that make up our industry. You’re there to dance, to enjoy yourself until the sun comes up.

Being a song related to experiences and parties that left a mark in your life, this was also a time to go back and remember the person you once were. For Sierra, this entire feeling of finding yourself again can be summarized in 2 words: Matt Yo. Sierra’s previous alias joins in this new track to be the perfect half to the amazing duality that rules over this absolute banger.

Stream Mt. Sierra’s newest track ‘6 AM In Vegas’ out now everywhere below!