[Event Review] REZZ Brings Spiral Tour to Echostage, D.C.

The Canadian DJ and record producer Rezz brought her Spiral tour to one of the world’s most famous concert venues.


Echostage is one of North America’s most iconic venues and was voted the World’s No.1 Club in DJ Mag’s 2021 Top 100 Clubs Poll. The venue attracts big names across the EDM spectrum and for good reason. Located in Washington D.C., the venue features a robust sound system, an expansive LED screen, and its unique octagonal ceiling lighting panels. In short, a picture-perfect venue for bass music. The entry was very organized and there was plenty of dancing space. The bars were well-staffed, and bathroom lines remained short.

Echostage Featured in DJ Mag

The Show

If you’ve ever been to a REZZ show, then you know to expect hypnotic visuals, bass that reverberates in your chest, and a well-coordinated light show that stretches your senses to the max. REZZ delivered on this expectation and went above and beyond. She gave us a show that felt fresh and new, while also retaining her dark and unique signature sound that has garnered her a large and loyal fan base (dubbed the Cult of REZZ). As someone who has seen her on multiple occasions, I was pleasantly surprised that Rezz mixed up her drops, as well as created new and beautiful visuals for both new and old tracks. Now obviously, many of the new visuals were formatted in a spiral formation, as in the name of the tour. However, one particular visual sent me into a laughing fit:

While she played Edge, which is arguably her most iconic track, she introduced a brand new visual in the style of the TikTok trend. That is changing the camera angle to the beat while recording yourself on the front-facing camera. It’s a good reminder of her sense of humor, and attentiveness to the details that her fans love.

REZZ played an hour and a half set, yet left audiences more thirsty. I can’t wait to see her in my festival lineups later this year. I highly recommend seeing REZZ live if you have not already, so check out her upcoming dates here.