Shiah Maisel, the 22 year old New York-native and up-and-coming artist of this year, partners with Afrojack, an icon in EDM who truly needs no introduction. The complementary duo is releasing their first single together “Really Love You” via WALL Recordings on all streaming platforms. 

This new drop combines the two artists’ individual style, pulling lyrics from Maisel’s personal experience while intertwining it with rhythmic tunes guaranteed to make any heart skip a beat from the Dutch DJ. Whether you are in the car listening to “Really Love You” on the way to work or with friends in the club, the effervescent song is a mood booster in every sense of the word.

Maisel broke onto the music scene in 2019 with his first studio album Notes From Within, and, in 2021 released a new single at the beginning of each week to showcase his skills and warm his fans with his emotional vocals. Focusing towards the next few years, the young artist has begun to pave a bright future for himself as a talented, emotive singer-songwriter. 

Already in the midst of his long and fruitful career, Afrojack has continued to drop releases alongside the best of the best in the music industry, including the recent single with David Guetta featuring Missy Elliott, BIA, and Doechii called “Trampoline”. The GRAMMY award winning DJ continues to elevate his legendary status with an active GRAMMY nomination for Best Dance/Electric recording for 2022 with “Hero” with David Guetta.

With both artists continuing to carve a brilliant and bright future, its impossible not to be enthralled by the duo.