Love Regenerator aka Calvin Harris has dropped his first track of 2022. ‘Lonely’ is a sad happy track that will get you moving. It represents a familiar sound that is perfect for both the car and the club. Sananda Maitreya provides silky smooth vocals throughout continuing to push the track forward.

The song’s theme fits perfectly with the brand of Love Regenerator. The lyrics have such meaning and pull. The drop represents an iconic dance music sound. Piano chords with various ear candy plucks keep it interesting throughout. The song will make you want to “be with someone.” A deep break provides hope for the track right before the second drop kicks back in.

Calvin Harris debuted his new alias right before the pandemic began. Many of his tracks have surged with millions of streams. The world is always in need of loving and Calvin is providing. Check out some of his other tracks here.

‘Lonely’ is out now! Give it a listen below.