Cosmic Gate’s ‘We Got The Fire’ Turns Up the Heat

Cosmic Gate We got the Fire

Cosmic Gate – We Got The Fire

Cosmic Gate‘s new release, ‘We Got The Fire‘ turns up the heat in 2022. The dynamic duo recently debuted the fire track during their sunset stream in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (see below).

‘We Got The Fire’ is a smashing collaboration with singer Olivia Sebastianelli that’ll get you dancing. Cosmic Gate proudly shared their 2022 anthem and wanted you to meet the voice of it; here’s part of a quote from Sebastianelli (Twitter):

“It’s about how we all have that spark and power in ourselves and also in our connection to others that means we can overcome anything.”

Besides producing ‘We Got The Fire’, the German trance duo is currently embarking on a North American tour through May. Keep looking out for more Cosmic Gate music and performance information via Twitter @cosmicgate. Also, don’t forget to give Cosmic Gate’s new release a listen below.

Cosmic Gate – We Got The Fire | Stream