Kaskade Adds ‘How Long v3’ to List of Releases Ahead of Upcoming Anniversary Album

Redux producer Kaskade just released the next single off his upcoming reimagined Fire & Ice album from 2011. ‘How Long v3‘ marks the fourth release ahead of the album, following ‘Turn It Down v3,‘ ‘Lessons In Love v3,‘ and ‘ICE v3.

‘How Long v3’ is the first pre-released single off the album to feature the same artist who appeared on the original version whereas the other three singles swapped out original vocals to feature Cop Kid, Cayson Renshaw, and The Moth & The Flame instead. Just like the original, ‘How Long v3’ features the original vocals by Becky Jean Williams of house group, Late Night Alumni, for a modernized track perfect for an underground warehouse setting.

Kaskade originally released Fire & Ice in 2011, which contained hit tracks like ‘Eyes,’ ‘Room For Happiness,’ and of course the reimagined tracks he’s released thus far. The album received a Grammy nomination and helped catapult Kaskade’s career to the level it’s at now. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, Kaskade recently announced he’s working on an entire reimagined Fire & Ice album, with singles being released every week up until the entire album is complete sometime in early February.

We’ll keep you posted on any album release details, but in the meantime, enjoy ‘How Long v3.’