Facebook, Instagram Drop Their Own 2021 Look Back Features

Meta, formerly the Facebook corporation, has rolled out ‘Year in Review’ features for its Instagram and Facebook platforms. 

On Facebook, one can create a “Year Together” card. It curates a year’s worth of posts and interactions into a shareable card on the platform.

Instagram will offer a “playback” time capsule that is also sharable under stories. It will draw from a users stories archive and allow users to customize their favorite content of the year into a sharable post. In the past, users have posted a “top nine” image selection, but now the platform is offering its own in-app method for shareable content.

This trend all began from the Spotify annual “Wrapped” which began several years ago. People seem to like when the algorithm can tell them about themselves and other tech giants are taking notice. It is the silver lining to all this data harvesting. Reddit is expected to roll out personalized recaps with user stats and habits. And Snapshat will not be far behind with its own “year end story.”