[EVENT REVIEW] Circoloco Brings The Party From Ibiza To Miami & Los Angeles

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Earlier this month one of Europe’s best parties stopped by the USA for a series of shows. The party in question was that of Ibiza’s Circoloco, and the cities they hit, were New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, in that order. While I’ve never been to Ibiza, or Europe for that matter I have no idea how wild the parties get over there. What I do know, is that I attended Circoloco’s event in Los Angeles, and I had the time of my life.

The event took place in Los Angeles at El Pueblo De Los Angeles, which some would say is the birthplace of Los Angeles itself. It took place on Saturday, December 4’th, and ran from 3 PM to Midnight. Those in attendance were blessed with sets from some of Circoloco’s finest, including Duchess, Perel, and NEZ. In addition to this Seth Troxler, Rampa, and the legendary Tale Of Us also took the stage. It is important to note that the late Virgil Abloh was originally slated to make an appearance. Despite this, the party went on with both Rampa and NEZ stepping as replacements.

Circoloco Los Angeles

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a party where I did not know a single act on the lineup. On December 4, I experienced this four times over. I say this, as I am pretty familiar with Tale Of Us, and Seth Troxler. Despite this, I had never seen them perform. Having said that, I came into Circoloco Los Angeles completely unaware of what to expect. After attending I can tell you this, I left the venue with what little expectations I did have, blown out of the water.

Over the course of nine hours, those in attendance were bombarded with what seemed like an everlasting cascade of proper house & techno. There were moments, that I had to step away if only to catch a break. The music was so good, it felt as if though each artist set, just melted into the next one. Tale Of Us was honestly one of the driving forces behind my desire to head out to this party. I am happy to say that they more than delivered. In addition to this, I can now understand the hype behind Seth Troxler, and why he is so respected in this community. While I went into the event not knowing any of the remaining acts, that changed as I left. I am happy to say I headed home, having become a fan of them all.

Circoloco Miami

Circoloco Miami took place during the famed Art Basel week, and yet it still stood out as one of the best events in that jam-packed week. The venue, Island Gardens, is absolutely gorgeous. It features surrounding bay views of the water as well as the entire Miami skyline in the distance. The entire party was set up in a large tent with those pulsating red neon lights everywhere. The mood was set as dark and foreboding by Tale of Us, who placed everybody into a trance for two hours of melodic techno. When their set sadly ended, the vibe shifted on a dime. Filling in for the late grate Virgil Abloh, we had Seth Troxler b2b Martinez Brothers. It was a Miami set for the ages that had everybody grooving until just after 3AM.

In regards to Circoloco, I can see why they are one of the most lauded brands in dance music. If you’ve ever experienced a Circoloco party, then I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not I highly recommend checking one out and experiencing it for yourself.

For all things Circoloco, click here. RIP Virgil Abloh.

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