A group of clubs and promoters in Berlin decided to take legal action against the recent “dancing ban”. The group includes Club OST, KitKatClub and famous DJ Paul van Dyk. On December 8th, the senate of Berlin decided to ban dancing from nightclubs. In fact, the new regulations specifically target large events and venues.

The appeal was submitted to Berlin’s administrative court last Thursday, December 16th. The lawyer Niko Härting is in charge of the case. “Out of the clubs, into the private parties,” said Härting in a statement on his website. “The dancing ban is unsuitable for infection control.” Obviously, the authorities want to regain control of the situation, with the omicron variant doing more and more damage. However, Härting and the group seem to think that the lawmakers are just moving the problem elsewhere.

The group wants the ban to be lifted by December 30th at the latest. “There is a risk of failures in the millions”, said the statement prepared by the lawyer. The Berlin club scene, which was already badly shaken by Covid-19, fears about its future.”

Berlin’s Clubcommission isn’t part of the group, but it has come out separately against the ban. The group proposed mandatory PCR tests as an alternative. “We have carried out pilot projects with the [hospital] Charité for this purpose,” Lutz Leichsenring told RBB24. “They were successful.”

The group supported by Niko Härting also believes PCR testing is a viable solution. “The pilot project scientifically proved that there are no significant risks of infection in clubs if testing is carried out consistently,” reads the statement. Even though some of Berlin’s clubs have stayed open, the situation is critical for them. Hosting seated concerts and open-air events will not be sufficient for their survival.

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