Fusing soundscapes together, Rich Furniss and Apollo XO enlist each other’s skillset to produce ‘I’ll Be There’ which is out now as a self-release. It’s a house song that holds dear the essence of gripping rhythm and motion to keep us moving throughout.

“Now, as the world continues to reopen, I’m working on getting these projects finished and fulfilling my true love for house music.”

Kicking off, it immediately packs a punch as the track builds with one layer atop another, topped off with a gripping vocal sample. However, it does not solely focus too strongly on the rhythm since there’s a distinct healthy dose of melody. This combination pays off for both producers, and clearly fits into their production strengths, forming a well-rounded experience.

‘I’ll be There’ bides its time across the 5 minute and twenty-eight-second duration, consistently maintaining the groove.

Listen to Rich Furniss and Apollo XO team up and release ‘I’ll Be There’, which is out as a self-release below.