New Order Performs As Pete Tong Receives Prestigious Award

Pete Tong received the prestigious Music Industry Trusts Award yesterday and New Order performed in celebration. Tong has been considered a benchmark in the music industry and this lifetime achievement is such a milestone. Without his BBC1 Radio shows, where would we find the latest and greatest in music? Where would we get to experience the old but gold? His iconic voice and show are thrilling and his career well-deserved.

New Order played ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Be A Rebel’, and ‘Regret’, all fan favorites that lit up the stage and audience that night. Watch the performance here. Tong even owes them a garden trim or washing up. Their artist relationship is so wholesome.

“I’m seriously thrilled and humbled to be standing here receiving the MITS Award. I think this is recognition of dance music’s and club culture’s influence and success. Looking round this room, there are so many people that have been on that journey with me so this is for all of you.”

Pete Tong
Credit: Pete Tong Facebook

Becky Hill also performed with cuts from ‘Ibiza Classics’, a cover of ‘With Every Heartbeat, ‘You’ve Got The Love’, and more. Idris Elba handed the aware to Tong and said the following:

“We’ve all wanted to be Pete Tong. Growing up, where I come from, listening to DJ Pete Tong on the radio was essential. [And] without a doubt moulded my very early barometer as a DJ as to what is good and what is great. He’s been more than a friend to me though, he’s been a business partner, he’s been a co-collaborator and he’s been a mentor. I’ve been DJing all my life, but one of the only professionals when I started to take this very seriously was Pete Tong. He didn’t have to do it, he could have risked his reputation, but he stood by me as a friend.”

Idris Elba
The ceremony concluded with guest performances from Nile Rodgers, Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon, and Spandau Ballet’s Gary Kemp. This night in music fully encompassed music from the generations and a night to remember for sure.