ARTBAT Releases ‘Horizon’ Through Their Label UPPERGROUND

ARTBAT is back at it again! The talented DJ duo has been a dominant force during this year. Just this year, the duo decided it was time to take the next step in the direction of their successful path: launching their own label. And so, UPPERGROUND was born. To celebrate its launch, the duo released their track ‘Flame’. Now, ARTBAT is back with their second release part of this new exciting project. ARTBAT’s newest track is titled ‘Horizon’.

Joining forces in 2015, Artbat has since been a force to be reckoned with. The duo’s unique sound has propelled them to the top of the melodic techno scene. There are few artists out there whose music is as recognizable as ARTBAT’s. The duo has set a standard when it comes to the huge sounds inside techno. For any producer, Artbat’s catalog is the definition of space. Perfect mixing. An accommodation so exquisitely created it allows the listener to fully dissect the song and understand every part of it. Now, the duo has just done it again, delivering a perfect track in ‘Horizon’.


“Horizon clearly shows ARTBAT’s big arena sound, with its hammering kick and mesmerizing synths, guided by the ever trembling bassline.”

An amazing definition of the sound ARTBAT curates into every one of their tracks. Every sound is so gigantic it makes you feel inside a huge venue. The melody engulfs you and evolves into a magical melody. And then, when it’s time to release the energy, ARTBAT does not disappoint. Strong kicks, unique grooves, and an always leading and hard-hitting bassline. This amazing duo delivers once again, and there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing more and more great releases courtesy of UPPERGROUND.

Stream ARTBAT’s new track ‘Horizon’ out now through ARTBAT’s very own label UPPERGROUND below!