UK Pubs Are Trialing An Anti-Cocaine Spray

Venues in the United Kingdom are looking to battle cocaine usage in their pubs and clubs. The town of Darlington will trial an anti-cocaine spray titled “BLOKit” that can be put on surfaces. It is a move to deter the usage of Class A drugs. Durham Constabulary has introduced the spray at 24 locations within the city. The spray will coat any surface with the goal of reducing the use of cocaine and other powdered narcotics.

The spray causes cocaine to expand and stick to the surface. If the consumer attempts to scrape off or snort the drug, they will taste a strong bittering agent. This taste will last for hours. This spray is already in use in hundreds of locations around the UK, so if you have wondered why your coke tastes weird – well, now you know. Darlington will be the first city to use it in the northeastern area of the UK. The police force tweeted this about the new substance:

“We have become the first police force in the region to begin using a groundbreaking anti-cocaine spray to deter drug taking in pubs and clubs.”

As many of us may know, this isn’t completely a stop-all to the usage of cocaine – as one can simply intake the drug in a different manner. A surface is not needed to consume it, so who knows if this will actually help. I can assume people will just adjust and learn not to put it on club/pub surfaces. Drug harm reduction researchers and organizations even believe this initiative can do more harm than good and have called it a “waste of police money”.

Coke purity levels are at a record high in the UK. Only time will tell if this actually helps the problem in the country.