Tomorrowland Roller Coaster Wins Best New Roller Coaster in Europe

Did you know Tomorrowland had its own roller coaster? Well, now you do. And on top of that, it just got named the best new roller coaster in Europe.

Tomorrowland’s Roller Coaster

‘The Ride to Happiness’, is the name that Tomorrowland chose for this unique experience. You can jump in and try it at Plopsa, located in the Belgian city of La Panne near the French border and less than 2 hours away from the festival’s holy lands. The park offers and beautiful surroundings and some natural elements similar to Tomorrowland itself. The first this we can think of seeing the video below is Tomorrowland’s dragon and fountains coming out of the water – Yes, we miss it so much.

This new experience offers visitors signature decoration and elements that you can recognize from the Festival. In addition to having a fun and quite intense path, the roller coaster has spinning cabins. So the ride to happiness will nevertheless be quite intense and worthy of the ‘Roller coaster’ tag.

Tomorrowland’s demonstration for creativity and resilience

Tomorrowland has been doing some amazing work despite two years of covid crisis. From the digital festivals – Around The Wolrd and NYE-, the Tomorrowland DJ Store, being the first Festival on an F1 Race Car, Dreamville’s Green Fields, and the many Merch partnerships, these projects show how creative and determined the festival’s team can be to stay strong despite one of the worse challenges a festival can face.

Tomorrowland was successful at keeping its employees and partners in business. And on the other hand offering the fans other beautiful experiences, while we all wait to come back to the holy lands in 2022.