According to a report by the Night Time Industries Association, 86,000 jobs have been lost since the start of the pandemic. In the UK, the nightlife industry takes up 1.6% of the countries GDP. This totals to roughly 36 Billion Euros. The report says that nightlife lost proportionally more jobs than other sectors.

The report also discusses that it could be a while before the industry recovers. There is less of a demand on nightlife now. This could be due to lingering effects of the pandemic that wont quite seem to end. And the measures that make clubbing and raving just not the same experience that it was before. 

The Night Time Economic Adviser for Manchester in Northern England, Sacha Lord said: 

“Take any city, town or village in the UK, and you’ll find its pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants are central to its recovery. The nightlife scene is critical to our post-Brexit, post-Covid future and economic growth, and to ignore it would be a devastating blow to our cultural reputation.”

Other factors are at play in the greater social nuances of the UK. With nightlife suffering, the positive benefits a society receives from the industry also wanes. Community cohesion, social belonging, and mental health from these activities are diminished. Hopefully, the industry will bounce back once the pandemic is officially finished.