[WATCH] Kaskade Shocks Fans with Underground-Style EDC Vegas Set

Credit: Rukes

Kaskade is the quintessential American DJ. During the 2000s and 2010s, he grew a massive base of fans with lofty stardust sounds and angelic voices. Back then EDM wasn’t a word yet. The word was Techno. ‘I Remember’ ‘4AM’ and ‘Angel on My Shoulder’ are just a few of his songs from that era that are now becoming “Classic Techno”.

A good artist will reflect in the changing world and evolve with their music as they grow in turn. Kaskade has shown us this with his Fire & Ice album, and his Redux sets. The man has versatility, a plucky midwestern panache, and he’s not afraid to stick a big middle finger up to DJMag either. 

Kaskade played EDC in Las Vegas last weekend and shocked everyone by playing a set unlike any he has played before. The set still features mashups of his timeless lyrics, but set against artists like Charlotte de Witte, Enrico Sangiuliano, Hi-LO, and Artbat. The set, which digs more into the classic definition of Techno and House, is available as a rip on YouTube. However, Kaskade has noticed the fans loving this set and wants to provide the full quality version. You can watch the rip below and we’ll let you know when Kaskade gives us the full deal.