Elon Musk Opens Berlin Tesla Factory With A 9000 Person Rave

Elon Musk loves to rave, rather he loves to throw raves, and hosted a 9,000 person party at the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin. They called it the Giga-Fest, where he befitted the area with vegetarian food stalls, giant balloon robots, and techno DJs played. Ferris wheel and accelerator ride-alongs. Tesla fans and everyone from Berlin to Brandenburg attended the all-day affair. The factory hasn’t started production yet, but it’s now officially launching its opening.

Many took to Twitter to showcase the County Fair. I know that Elon celebrates in style for every occasion. He’s treated Space X employees to a festival of elephantine proportions just because he can! From sending civilians to space and making humanity a multi-planetary species, he also dabbles in making progressive house and being a father. Now, add event organizer to his resume. He jokes about installing a “mega rave cave” at the Gigafactory, equipped with solar panel roofing. But who knows. What’s more, is his idea for GigaBier, an alcoholic beverage in a Cybertruck bottle!

β€œWe’re aiming to start production in a few months, basically, November or December. [And] hopefully deliver our first cars in December. But starting production is kind of the easy part. The hard part is reaching volume production.”

Elon Music, at Giga-Fest

Check out some footage from the festival below. Musk answered some questions in broken German about the new plant, Tesla developments, and more. So far, the model Y is being built, and he explains some of it with some technical difficulties. But we appreciate his attempt nonetheless. Berliners seem happy about the event and now we shall wait and see what the opening in Texas will be like. His ongoing theme is inspiration and fun. Berlin rave culture and the German beer scene? Elon is clearly sending it.