Élia Beach Club is making its mark as the hottest beach club to hit the city of Las Vegas. The venue recently took part in its first-ever EDC Weekend, with a long string of shows featuring some of the hottest DJs in the dance music scene. With a luxurious and ambient scenery, tied together with top acts such as Cosmic Gate and Deadmau5, this club was the place to be at to celebrate the official return of EDC week. 

Élia Beach Club Venue

Elia Beach Club Crowd

As most EDC veterans may know, many of the day clubs at the Las Vegas strip tend to have a small dance floor when it comes to serving regular admission attendees. However, we can confidently tell you, Élia Beach Club is the exception. With two large pools centered at the venue, as well as a good-size dedicated space for attendees to gather, legroom is the least of your concern. The open floor truly is the people’s stage, as guests aren’t forced to dance on top of one another. 

Apart from the space, guests have some great views of the city and the Virgin Hotel Las Vegas Attendees are indulged in a sea of palm trees and endless sun rays put the cherry on top of any beach club. From partying to relaxation, this is the perfect place to free yourself from the stresses of everyday life. Honestly, a tranquil scenery always makes for a great show and an epic time. 

Elia Beach Club group

Ready for some icy margaritas or to chug down some spicy Bloody Marys? Élia offers a top-tier drink selection at a restaurant-style bar located right at the back of the venue. The service is phenomenal, as the staff is always ready to cook up some ravishing relinquishers.  Need a seat to really enjoy those delicious alcoholic beverages? Seats are available right under the awning of the bar for drink-buyers to relax and sip on their drinks. The word Luxury is not enough to describe the amazing service. 

Overall, the Élia Beach Club receives a 5-star rating when it comes to the venue itself. It’s refreshing to see that a good and spacious Dayclub can exist within the confines of the Las Vegas Strip. Not only that but general admission guests are treated just as well as their VIP counterparts. However, you may want to consider going VIP for your next trip to Élia because the experience is surely one-of-a-kind. 

The VIP Experience 

Elia Beach Club Cabanas

For those who prefer to indulge in true luxury, then purchasing table service may be the best thing for you. Guests have the choice to buy standard tables that surround the two beach-like pools or to rent their own cabanas with a personal couch, chairs, and even a TV. Each experience comes with a hostess, who ensures bottles, food, or more is done to your liking. Not only that, but you are free to leave the tables and cabanas as you please, meaning you can make your way into the crowd as often as you like.

The cabanas are surely the best route to take when it comes to enhancing your day club experience. Essentially, these chill-out spots are a home away from home. You can choose to sit and get comfortable or you can get up and dance the day away.

The Shows

Cosmic Gate

Élia Beach Club delivered an epic EDC Weekend Lineup, with acts such as Cosmic Gate, Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, and Deadmau5. Each day was dedicated to a specific genre of dance music, with Friday and Saturday emphasizing the trance genre and Sunday filled with electronica. Not only were the major acts dominating the Élia dance floor, but so did rising artists like Rich Dietz and Speaker Honey

Sound production was one of high quality, as everyone in the area can clearly hear the sounds being played by the dance figureheads. Guests can hear the music from pretty much anywhere, even at the backside of the venue.

However, the only thing lacking was the use of visuals. Although there is a screen at the front of the DJ booth, the majority of the time it was just showcasing the artists’ names. Although this isn’t a major downside, many dance fans love to listen to music with some epic visuals. 


Élia Beach Club: Final Rating 

Overall, Élia Beach Club does not fail to hold a huge extravaganza. With its huge size, amazing sound production, and top-of-the-line artists, this is a must-see club everyone in Las Vegas should check out. Whether it’s to dance or relax, Élia is capable of delivering both. Therefore, we’re giving this venue a rating of 9/10.