EDC Campers Complain About No AC & Festival Shares Snarky Response

EDC Las Vegas 2021 is officially underway today but there has been a slight complication with Camp EDC. Text messages started surfacing and the conversation is now on Reddit. For those just catching up, Camp EDC didn’t install AC units in the tents due to the forecasted cool temperatures for October. Since the announcement to move EDC LV from May to October, this has been a hot topic of debate for attendees. After people began complaining, EDC sent out this passive-aggressive text basically saying “if you don’t like it you can get out”.

Here is the text message:

Now, a lot of campers do not like the tone conveyed in this message. They have between 9am-1pm today to get a refund, but they also need to leave the campsite. Finding alternative arrangements at this point would be very difficult and expensive, so you’ll have to tough it out or go home. Camping packages cost at least $1800 for some so we can see why some may be frustrated. It is an advertised service that campers initially thought they would be paying for.

Photo Credit: Insomniac EDC Las Vegas

Temperatures are forecasted to be in the high 80s during the day and low 50s at night. Camping is definitely an adaptive experience, so we can see why there is a polarity of sides. The tents are designed to withstand desert heat, and they may also do the same for the cold. But keep in mind, this is a first for everyone, including Insomniac. They’re throwing an event during a pandemic, and attendees are attending this annual event in October, not May. Insomniac thought to do what seemed best according to the environment. This may taint the overall Insomniac experience for some, as they decide this will be their last stand with them.

Who do you think is right? You can join the conversation here. We hope the rest of the weekend still goes according to plan!