Last weekend, Porter Robinson’s second annual Second Sky Music Festival took place at the Oakland Arena Grounds in northern California. Artists like Madeon, Jai Wolf, Wavedash, Toro Y Moi, Jon Hopkins, Jacob Collier, and Knower graced the stage both days, while Porter himself delivered two sets each day.

Porter kicked things off both Saturday and Sunday with his Air to Earth set, a progressive house and techno focused experience for concertgoers. His set sampled everything from Caribou to jamesjamesjames to old school Morgan Page, getting listeners in their feels to start the festival off right.

Porter closed out the show both nights with his live Nurture set, which he debuted virtually at his Secret Sky Festival earlier this year. Porter delivered an incredible live performance here. By showcasing his diverse musical talents, he gives concertgoers the experience of a live show vs. a DJ set.

You can relive the magic of both of these sets below!

Porter Robinson’s Air to Earth Set at Second Sky Music Festival 2021
Porter Robinson’s Nurture Live Set at Second Sky Music Festival 2021