Australian producer LUUDE guides us through a night out on his latest EP, 6AM, which is out via Sweat It Out. Within, each track’s emotivity and energy exposes a time at night when the song melds harmoniously with the mood. Simultaneously, the body is festival and club-ready when taking into consideration the thumping and infectious production.

“I wanted it to be a record that can be listened to through the stages of a day and night. I was writing most of it through lockdowns so I was just writing tunes that felt like being out.”


Kicking off, a speedy note on ‘Wanna Stay‘ harbors the talents of Dear Sunday as a feature bringing a drum and bass touch into the fold. With this, we’re off into the night heading toward ‘Glenorchy‘, a darker more thumping track that has us itching to dance. From there, the producer’s more experimental side shines taking us toward the finale, ‘Bridgewater‘. With that in mind, we leave with something more vibrant breaking in a new day on a high note.

Listen to LUUDE explore the night through his sound on 6AM, which is out now on the Sweat It Out imprint.