Earlier this year, Jan Blomqvist teamed up with dark pop duo Bloom Twins for their first ever release ‘High On Beat‘. Now, Sofi Tukker is shooting their shot at their very own remix of the sensational track. We see its release on Armada Music as well for a brand new take on the creative get-together.

The original is slow and mysterious, filled with emotive vocals and lush synth waves. It’s a steep studio session-sounding track with sonic sophistication that instantly brings you to delirium when you listen. It gives off soft vibes, perfect for chilling in an indie atmosphere as well. But now, Sofi adds their signature electronic flare to it, making it just what the pandemic needed for a new shot of energy. This is a great addition to all your new music playlists. The vocals become more dark and sultry, the synthetic instrumental in the background highlights the melody and deepens the mood of the track. In addition, the deep and fat analog bass pads get enhanced as they layer and breathe with the hypnotic sound. You’ll find those melancholic chords still put some pep in your step while listening.

Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern comprise the Sofi Tukker moniker. This year they’re making their way on tour, starting with Firefly Music Festival followed by Gasparilla Music Festival. From there, they play at Elia Beach Club in Vegas and then Spring Awakening in Chicago and Outside Lands in San Francisco. What’s more, is they’re also playing Groove Cruise Miami next year to start your new year off right. For anyone that gets a chance to check them out, do so because they put on a great vibe.

What do you think, is it a club-ready banger? Check it out below.

Jan Blomqvist X Bloom Twins – High On Beat (SOFI TUKKER Remix) | Buy/Stream