IKEA and Sonos Unveil Customizable Speaker Lamp

Starting October 12th, IKEA and Sonos‘ newest lineup of Symfonisk Bluetooth speaker lamps will be available to the US and select European markets. They first released their Symfonisk line back in 2019, which comprises various Sonos quality speakers built into different pieces of furniture. Now, their latest model of Symfonisk comes with its lamp base and shade sold separately. This allows you to mix and match for personal customization to your home’s vibe.

Choose between a black or white lamp base, which is designed to be slightly smaller than the older model. Product owner, Stjepan Begic, analyzed user reports and decided to make it smaller so that they can fit the lamp on their nightstand. For the shades, choose between textile or glass. Both come in black and white with an E26/E27 socket that supports more ranges of bulbs. Plus, get ready for a wider and more room-filling sound.

Now, some find the new design to be way less attractive than its predecessors. The lamps also run similar to the previous generation, at $179 for glass and $169 for textile. The base alone costs $152, and a textile cover adds $24 more while the glass cover comes out to an additional $35. Earlier this year, we covered their picture frame speaker collaboration and it looks like it could make for a great housewarming gift. The home furniture titan and multi-room audio product manufacturer continue to innovate new solutions to enhance sound and music.

So, do you want to release the sweet sound of your home? Explore IKEA and Sonos’ collection of Symfonisk WiFi speakers, table lamps, bookshelf speakers–all products that have high-quality sound for an affordable price. Find the one that fits your aesthetic or even gift them. Plus, who doesn’t want some snazzy IKEA furniture? Take a look at their latest creation and let us know what you think.

Source: Engadget