Here Are Our Must-See Sets to Watch This Lost Lands

In just a few short days, Lost Lands will be making its epic return to the state of Ohio, uniting headbangers from all over the country once again. This will be the first time the festival takes place since the start of the pandemic, so attendees are sure to have many surprises in store, including special performances.

Ahead of its official kick-off this week, we’re bringing you a list of sets that you don’t want to miss. From special back-to-backs to dance music’s current rising artists, here are the top performances you must-see during your time in Legend Valley.


Did you actually go to Lost Lands if you didn’t witness an Excision set in the land of the dinosaurs? The festival founder will not only be performing once, but three times during the prehistoric music event. Therefore, attendees have more than one opportunity to catch the music producer perform live during the weekend. Each set will be dedicated to a specific theme. The first will be a usual Excision performance, filled with some of his latest works such as “Broken Pieces” with Dion Timmer and “Demisaur” with Kai Wachi. The second set will be dedicated to the OG Excision fans, as the music producer will play some of his major throwback hits. Last, but not least, the dubstep figurehead will perform his iconic Detox Set, which focuses on experimental music that aims to push creative boundaries and norms.

Excision 2 Hour Set  

When: Friday, September 24 @ 10 PM

Where: Prehistoric Evolution Stage

Excision Throwback Set

When: Sunday, September 26 @ 9:45 PM

Where: Prehistoric Evolution Stage

Excision Detox Set

When: Sunday, September 26 @ 6 PM

Where: Prehistoric Evolution Stage


For melodic dubstep lovers looking to get their emotional fix during Lost Lands, this set is a must-see performance. This will be the first time duo ARMNHMR and Ophelia artist MitiS will perform together in unison. For many Ophelia fans, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to check out these melodic music producers’ combine their beloved melodic sounds together.

When: Friday, September 24 @ 9:30 PM

Where: Wompy Woods Stage

Sullivan King B2B Kai Wachi Present: Meal Prep

Best friends Sullivan King and Kai Wachi are coming together to perform not only once, but twice during Lost Lands. Apart from a dubstep/electrocore performance, they will also be introducing the first house music set taking place at Lost Lands. As many can guess, house music isn’t typically found within the confines of the music festival, but these boys are ready to be the latest trendsetters at the event. Those looking to take a break from the fast-paced, heavy-hitting sound that comes with dubstep territory, take an hour to check out Sullivan King and Kai Wachi dominating the dancefloor with some late-night house music.

When: Sunday, September 26 @ 12 AM

Where: The Asteroid Stage


Griz is known to be a huge favorite among those who love to listen to experimental/future-funk music. After blowing up during the release of his collaboration with Subtronics, “Griztronics” in 2019, he has become a notable figure within the dubstep scene. He recently released his sixth studio album “Rainbow Brain” in July, which pays homage to bass artists before his time. Certainly, he’ll be playing a few tracks from the album release. For those who have yet to watch Griz perform live, it is a strong recommend that you check him out during your time in the prehistoric realm.  

When: Friday, September 24 @ 8:30 PM

Where: Wompy Woods Stage

Hi I’m Ghost

Kicking-off this year’s Lost Lands will be rising dubstep duo, Hi I’m Ghost. If you plan to get to the event early, start out the festival right with this DJ group. Although the music producers are growing traction within the dubstep scene, there may be some who do not recognize the group. However, if you watch their performance, you’re sure to become a fan in no time.

When: Friday, September 24 @2:30 PM

Where: Wompy Woods Stage


For those who may not recognize this up-and-coming artist, AMIDY is known for singing and producing music with the likes of Seven Lions, Crystal Skies, Wooli, and ARMNHMR. This rising star will be performing for the first time at Lost Lands. Melodic lovers, beware, as this music producer is sure to stir up some emotions with his performance. AMIDY will not only be performing his latest tracks, but he will also be singing live, make this different than your usual dance music performance. If you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone and experience some new music, this set is a must-watch.

When: Saturday, September 25 @ 7 PM

Where: Subsidia Stage


This set on our list is dedicated to SVDDEN DEATH fans who have yet to walk into the dark realm of the VOYD. If you have yet to see this project come to life, then there is no better time to do so than at this dedicated dubstep festival. To summarize VOYD, you are essentially being taken into the underworld with heavy bass and eerie sounds. If you are a dubstep lover, then this performance is one you should watch at least once in your life.

When: Saturday, September 25 @ 9:30 PM

Where: Wompy Woods Stage

Downlink is a Canadian producer who is known for experimenting with bass music since his start in 2009. He has collaborated with artists, such as Lost Lands founder Excision. Drum and Bass lovers, this music producer will be showing you some love this Lost Lands. For those interested in taking their passion for the genre to new heights, make sure not to miss this one-of-a-kind set.

When: Saturday, September 25 @ 11 PM

Where: Forest Stage


The last on our list is heavy-hitting duo SLANDER, who are known for taking fans on a deep feel trip. This isn’t the first time the group will perform at Lost Lands, but it is still a must-see. After recently canceling their inaugural festival Starbase, which was set to take place in October, the boys can use some well-deserved love for their music. Certainly, these two will have more in store for attendees, especially since their event was canceled. Who knows, maybe fans will get to hear the “Love On Water (Love Is Gone Pt. 2)” track the boys promised to release over a year ago. Nonetheless, even if they don’t perform it, they are sure to play some of their recent collaborations, such as “Miss You” with Ganja White Night and “Gravity” with Subtronics.

When: Saturday, September 25 @ 10:45 PM

Where: Prehistoric Evolution Stage

Other Notable Mentions

Crystal Skies

When: Friday, September 24 @ 2 AM

Where: The Asteroid Stage

G Jones

When: Saturday, September 25 @ 8:30 PM

Where: Wompy Woods Stage

Black Tiger Sex Machine

When: Friday, September 24 @ 7:45 PM

Where: Prehistoric Evolution Stage

Virtual Riot (Melodic Set)

When: Saturday, September 25 @ 2 AM

Where Wompy Woods Stage