Crystal Skies is here with Micah Martin on a new single titled ‘We Got It‘. This is through the Lost In Dreams label on Insomniac Records. We love the new music and new representation for more genres. This is a great future bass and trap piece.

Right from the start, distorted guitar riffs play the melody and the track starts with vocals singing. Shortly after, it plays with an amazing guitar line and drum patterns accompanying it. It feels like a rock song when it first plays. But then the drop hits you and the melodic bass line washes over you. The song transitions back to the breakdown and the chorus sings again. Micah’s voice is perfect for reigning in the emotion, together with the guitar-based melody. You feel powerful and triumphant while listening to its dynamism.

Louisana-native Britian Holcomb and Philly-resident Aaron Dawson comprise the American EDM duo Crystal Skies. They started seven years ago making their own dubstep music and catching the eye of genre stalwarts like Seven Lions. Their unique sound brings a fresh, new take on the industry and this is why fans love them. Known for their stunning piano introductions and soothing melodies, they explore more instruments and what they can create out of their sounds. It started with ‘Paradise Lost’ and quickly grew to a discography that landed them at the Lost In Dreams 2021 Festival.

Partnering with Micah Martin was effortless. Martin’s sweet voice allows him to work with other industry artists like Jason Ross on Convergence and Seven Lions on ‘Stop Blaming Love’. Now, ‘We Got It’ made its debut at the inaugural festival in Las Vegas this year, and it’s hitting your playlists today. With such an innovative, fresh sound you’ll want to listen to it on repeat. You just got to love those synthesizers.

So, check out their new single below.

Crystal Skies, Micah Martin – We Got It | Buy/Stream