The Moldovan trance artist Andrew Rayel continues introducing his AETHER alias for the most melodic and sentimental tracks. On this occasion, we have in our hands the single ‘Ascendit Ad Paradisum’, the perfect track to make the connection with ether, afterlife, or paradise. Personally, I feel it is one of the best trance songs of the year.

If there is a DJ and producer who can express with his music such great concepts, it would be Andrew Rayel. The Find Your Harmony boss has shown that his productions evoke emotions that go beyond our human understanding. With ethereal chords and melodies that warm the heart of even the most insensitive. This time is no exception. Coming after the success of My Harmony, he comes again with an instrumental trance anthem.

andrew rayel ascendit ad paradisum

Through his own label, he presents a song that is very reminiscent of his early works such as ‘550 senta’ or ‘Musa’ but on a completely different level. Ascendit Ad Paradisum‘ contains the elements that Andrew presented in his classics but with a more advanced atmospheric design. The echo effect put on the voice along with the elements of the purest trance that we can find. Giving the song the feeling of being beyond this existential plane.

Although alluding to the etymological root of the word paradise, the song places us in a calm and harmonious place. Where the presence of something that goes beyond our understanding reigns but is good in every sense. It is as if God put Adam back in the garden of Eden. The word paradise almost takes on its meaning in the biblical context.

In summary, ‘Ascendit ad Paradisum’ effectively transports you to paradise and other places with the power of trance. You can listen to Andrew Rayel pres. AETHER- Ascendit ad Paradisum’ below!