Need something relaxing? Porter Robinson is here to help. In conjunction with the release of his second LP, Nurture, we now have an accompanying music video. Porter Robinson just dropped a music video for ‘do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do‘. It features a calming car journey split into three different screen perspectives.

The video starts off with a peaceful car ride filled with greenery and empty roads. Porter’s lyrics start to shine at the one-minute mark and are joined by never-ending bits of serenity as the car passes through neighborhoods, trees, and an overall sunny atmosphere. If you’re looking for something calm to watch, or want to go on a car ride without leaving the house, this music video is perfect.

With various COVID-19 restrictions and the sense of uncertainty, this visualizer brings a sense of peace that feels truly needed. It’s happy. It’s uplifting, during a time when many of us really need it.

For more info on Porter’s upcoming Second Sky fest, click here.