Emerging producer Kerala finally unveiled his awaited debut EP, Escapism. It’s a self-release bolstering 6 tracks, featuring an ongoing story from the moment it kicks off to the end.

Within, the artist champions emotivity just as much as the sonic aspects factoring in. Throughout, it’s a wide-eyed experience that approaches the world with curiosity and readiness to feel. Fundamentally, one could say the concept revolves around an individual’s experiences and how that ties into finding joy or at least comfort in the way they interact with reality and look at the past.

“Often in life, we will think we need to escape our current surroundings in order to find ourselves again… when really, all we need to escape is the constraints of our own mind. Escapism is a story about love, loss, ambition, and finding yourself through traveling the world, only to realize happiness was within you all along.


Overall, the tracks have serene soundscapes that encompass acoustic instruments and bright electronic sounds. The distinct influence coming through comes from artists such as Odesza or Kasbo, but it comes off inspired. Notably, Kerala wrote his first tunes in a small jungle village in Costa Rica. This openness and will to explore is imbued in the heart of Escapism, reflecting on the vast world around us.

Listen to Kerala deliver his 6-track EP, Escapism, and follow along with the story he’s delivered below.