DVRKO – Deeper (feat. MVXMILLI)

Claiming to hail from a post-apocalyptic wasteland to be unearthed in humanity’s near future, masked entity DVRKO joins forces with MVXMILLI on new single “Deeper.
A deft storytelling of the hardships that inevitably accompany finding love in a big city, “Deeper” invokes heart-stopping chord progressions paired with MVXMILLI’s enthralling vocals. 

Pulsing with electrifying sensuality, “Deeper” begins with a smattering of percussion and hollowed reverberations before morphing into a passionate swell of otherworldly sound. While emblazoned basslines vibrate with fervid dexterity, MVXMILLI swoops in with his velvety crooning, weaving a tale of true love’s blinding highs and stumbling lows. The result is an intoxicating unification of sound and story that is impossible not to resonate with.