Dirty South is diping his feet into minimalistic techno and melodic house with his new EP titled The Grand Swell. We see its release on Lane 8’s imprint This Never Happened and it is actually quite fitting for its atmosphere. For the Grammy-nominated producer from Belgrade, Serbia we see his rise in his musical journey.

Viggo‘ opens up the five-track compilation with a stripped-down bassline fueled by drums and a funky groove bass pattern. The melody makes you move along to the synths with light, airy sonic elements intertwined. It takes a quick break in tempo in the middle, then ascends right back to the end. Secondly, ‘Dope Shells‘ is a little bit deeper in tone with a minimal yet jamming bassline and takes melodic house for a ride, resting a comfortable 123 bpm. Its chill, ambient atmosphere is perfect for sitting by the fireside or taking in nature in the forest.

The Architect‘ is hypnotizing to the ears and mind. As you listen to its instrumental layering, the bass reverberates as the layering continues throughout the entire piece. It’s heady, it’s melodic, and it’s atmospheric. The title track ‘The Grand Swell‘ first played on Dirty South’s One Mix last year and then featured by Cristoph and Cassian months later. Its dark, brooding tones paired with a melancholic melody create a mysterious air to the track. But once you journey to the end, you’ll find its success in minimalism. Lastly, ‘14 East‘ closes out the mix with minimal once more. The techno corkscrews repeat with clinical measure, at 124 bpm.

Dragan Roganovic switches gears from bootlegs and mashups to the unrivaled sounds of melodic house and minimal techno. With the supporting hooks, arpeggios for rhythmical elements, and progressive basslines, each verse and break are meticulously calculated for a fine EP.

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