ATYYA brings a melding of genres to the forefront of his creative process in order to provide dynamic productions. This is clearly highlighted through his new LP which is titled Odyssey, out as a self-release.

Each individual track has a stylistic flair to it, with a common theme adhesing them together to form a body of work. Kicking off, the intro track brings a gouping of instruments including the violin to form a cinematic “Open.” Following, the relaxing, calm, and ambient tonality persists, sustaining the soul of the body, yet introducing new textures. In addition, as the tracklisting continues, the percussions blossom and start packing more of a punch to them. Albeit heading toward ‘For You‘ and ‘Just Say‘ presents a darker, more hypnotic nuance, the fundementals are kept. Finally, the LP concludes on a whimsical note with strums taking over the senses.

Listen to the new LP by ATYYA, Odyssey, and embark on the sonic journey the producer provides below.