Armin van Buuren and Timmy Trumpet Collaborate for ‘Anita’

Our favs Armin van Buuren and Timmy Trumpet are back! They just dropped ‘Anita‘ – a surprising collab and an excellent track. First off, it doesn’t sound like either of their styles from the very start. It begins with heavy string, percussion, and brass instrumentals. Vocals start to tell the tale of a captivating woman named Anita, and there isn’t any immediate indication that this is an EDM track.

However, a drop makes its way into the middle and elevates the track with high-energy synth work. Moreover, the classic Armin and Timmy style starts to really shine through about halfway. After the atypical intro, it’s very quick, electronic, and upbeat. The tale of Anita becomes one that would fit perfectly at a club or festival.

Anita‘ is surprising, but in all the right ways. It’s a unique and refreshing collab between Armin and Timmy, and highlights their ability to experiment with different sounds and styles. When discussing the collaboration, Armin van Buuren noted:

I’ve long been a big fan of Timmy’s work. His trumpet performances brought something fresh to the scene, and I always love to see that kind of creativity, especially when you mix in those energetic dance moves. I loved working together with him on this track and I can’t wait to play it live during a sunny festival day somewhere soon. That way, everyone can party like ‘Anita’!

Anita‘ absolutely worth a listen to get a better idea of this unique but wonderful project. It’s also the perfect track to lift your mood or to energize your day. You can listen to ‘Anita‘ below!