W&W Dropped a Festival Mix of ‘Hold On’ by Justin Bieber

With festival season in full swing, the timing is perfect to release a festival mix of a popular pop record. That is exactly what W&W just did. As matter of fact, they decided to create their own version of ‘Hold On‘ by Justin Bieber. The result is fantastic.

W&W wanted to drop their festival mix of ‘Hold On’ for their upcoming shows. “With Rave Culture Live 002 coming up we thought it was time for some new festival mixes”, they wrote in the video’s description. “Justin Bieber’s voice is always super powerful and fits great with the way we produce music. Hope you like this one and can’t wait to see you at Rave Culture Live 002 from Club Mythic this Saturday!!

This bootleg reminds us why the duo is a force in the industry. They were able to let Justin’s voice shine during the breaks, creating a perfect moment to sing your heart out with the crowd. However, once the drop arrives, you instantly recognize W&W’s sound: piercing leads and unmatched basslines are gonna make you jump without a doubt. Hopefully, we will see more of these in the future.

The video dropped at the same time as the first day of voting for the Top 100 DJ Mag. Surely, W&W will have some new fans with the festival mix of ‘Hold On’. If you did not vote yet, click here to do so.

You can listen to the track and watch the video below.

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