Tomorrowland Breaks Records as First Festival on F1 Race Car

Tomorrowland is now in the history books! They will be the first festival to sport a logo on the new MCL35M. This feature is a collaboration with BAT (British American Tobacco) and racing team McLaren.

BAT is a strong supporter of live events and the events industry. This collab is simultaneously an opportunity to highlight Tomorrowland’s Around the World festival, set for July 16 and 17. BAT’s head of branding notes:

McLaren is more than a partner in motorsport, we share a love of music and innovation, and this provides a never-before-seen opportunity to make a statement… whilst Tomorrowland may not happen in person in 2021, together we have created the world’s fastest flyer for the greatest digital music festival!

John Beasley, Group Head of Brand Building at BAT

Viewers can catch this logo at the Austrian Grand Prix, taking place this July 4. Viewers can expect the logo on MCL35Ms. Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo will drive the cars.

Advertising the Tomorrowland Alternative

Sadly, in-person Tomorrowland isn’t happening until 2022. Mayors of Boom and Rumst denied the festival’s permits. As an alternative, Tomorrowland Around the World will take place on July 16 and 17. Ultimately, part of the F1 logo exposure is to emphasize the upcoming virtual festival.

The lineup and timetables for the virtual event recently dropped, and tickets are on sale now.

Tomorrowland lineup

You can catch the festival logo at the Austrian Grand Prix! The lineup for the Around the World event is above, and you can purchase tickets by clicking here.