Spiderhound has been having a hectic year filled with releases, and his newest initiative comes in the form of a rather experimental single titled ‘Phlame‘. Throughout, it derives inspiration from a multitude of genres including bass, break-beat, and hip-hop

‘Phlame’ hosts a package of interesting rhythmic elements, laced with gritty sound design and soft synths. In addition, the washed deep vocals add another layer of mood right before the hip-hop elements take over. With that in mind, the transitions through sonic elements appear to be homogenous and smooth, forming an easy listen. Nonetheless, while the single is on the experimental and head-nodding end, it retains a degree of infectious moving energy.

With each release this year, Spiderhound has cemented and clarified the intention of growing and developing his sound. Delivering one interesting work after another, this is one producer to look out for.

Listen to Spiderhound showcase an experimental sound that combines inspiration from multiple genres on ‘Phlame’ below.