Maybe Dance Music’s most prized possession Salvatore Ganacci has dropped his first track of 2021. ‘Step-Grandma’ gets your feet moving right out of the gate. The Swedish DJ teased the track and music video on his Instagram. It looks to be another doozy of a video! If you recall a few years ago, his track ‘Horse’ had an absurd music video. Both feature a grandma and the woods. Not sure why but we don’t question Salvatore!

Salvatore knows how to get the party started and keep the people happy. He is arguably the most lively performer flexing new dance moves on every track. He is also maybe his biggest hater making sure to boo himself at his own set at Tomorrowland.

‘Step-Grandma’ is the house track we all needed right now. It features a thumping kick and bassline to get things started. The melody fades in with heavily reverbed vocals dominating the background. The lyrics running over and over again are “Om mig, släpp inte taget. Kom och håll om mig nu.” This somewhat translates to “About me, do not let go. Come and hold me now.” The lyrics are perfect for any club. I get some disco vibes once the drop kicks in.

Make sure to give the video a watch below. It is so ridiculous and that’s why we love this man.