Rave The Planet Goes to Tiktok for Its Next Fundraiser

Berlin’s Rave The Planet, a non-profit that commits to the true spirit and the tradition of techno culture. In other words, a new version of the famous Berlin Love Parade. This Love Parade remake wants to team up with social media giant, Tiktok. Together they want to create a ‘FundRaver LIVE’, a six-hour livestream event seeing in six DJs from around Germany who are closely affiliated with Love Parade.

The ‘FundRaver Live’ will be raising money for 2022’s Rave The Planet. The fundraising event will take place on July 10th of this month. Theres a twist though, the event will stream exclusively on Tiktok. So if you don’t have Tiktok you better download it before July 10th. If you don’t, you will miss the line up of Dr. Motte, Klanglos, Mark Dekoda, Stella Bossi, and Nakadia. A stacked line up of Love Parade originals and techno artist.

Rave The Planet and COVID-19

Sadly, The pandemic that hit the world in 2020 forced Rave The Planet to close their sign up sheets. In 2022, they are attempting to establish themselves as a yearly event. It’s twin, the Love Parade is a creation of the DJ Dr Motte in 1989 after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Rave The Planet is built around the same aspect as Love Parade, but with an extra chance to engage with sustainability, cultural heritage, and self-expression. The Rave The Planet Parade was initially supposed to go ahead on the same date as the original, but was postponed until 2022 following continuing lockdown restrictions in Berlin. If the ‘FundRaver Live’ Event raises enough money that is.

Good thing they have a good team behind this project. They are dedicative and talented people. Here is what they said:

“Our initiators are artists, ravers, entrepreneurs – including the inventor of the Love Parade, Dr. Motte. With our work, we want to make a sustainable, positive impact on techno culture.”

If you would like to stream ‘FundRaver LIVE’, the livestream starts at 4:PM CET on TikTok. It will be located on Rave The Planet’s page, live from Berlin. Rave The Day will be accepting donations through the platform – The Link to the stream is here.