What is MEYA?

MEYA is an innovative new meditation app. Centered on providing the connection between the two key mindfulness methods – Music and Meditation. The product plans to use the key frequencies to open the mind. With the music tools provided, you can “shift your mental focus on the opportunity in any life challenge awaken the best part of you, your true self,” by creating a “vibe” to help meet meditation goals.

Music has the ability to change the brain’s mood by uplifting it. Sound healing has been used for ages in well-being practices. Similarly, meditation practice involves paying close attention to the present moment allowing the mind to reset and recharge. MEYA sets to marry these two mindfulness tactics. This makes it easier and even more enjoyable for users of all ages and skill levels. The app utilizes world-class exclusive music to assist you in finding your zen.

With clubs and festivals impacted during the pandemic, it’s an important time “to harness the unifying power of music and its quantifiable psychological and physiological benefits.” In this way, MEYA also provides a way forward for music industry pros to overcome the stresses and anxieties surrounding the current state of the entertainment industry.

MEYA uses the ethos: “Music to master the mind and awaken the soul.” Along with the release, MEYA also announced a partnership with world-renowned DJs and Producers Jamie Jones and Lee Burridge. Both Jones and Burridge have imprinted the app by providing the exclusive soundtrack.

In addition, MEYA founder Raffaele Ricci’s own words, “We are very excited to have Lee and Jamie on board, sharing the same vision to create electronic music to help more people with their mental and spiritual wellbeing.”

Download MEYA now to hear the exclusive music from Jamie Jones and Lee Burridge. Available currently on Apple and Google Play to get in touch with your zen.

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