Andrew Rayel is back! His new Armada release, ‘River‘ taps into his trance soundscape. The collab with AIDYL is both uplifting and inspirational. This release comes after ‘My Harmony’, ‘Silver Lining’, and ‘Carry You Home’ – all released this year.

‘River’ features soft vocals, warm lyrics, and a classic trance vibe that can lift any mood. Regarding the process of creating this track, Rayel notes:

“‘River’ is a record that’s very close to my heart. I’ve been wanting to go back to my trance roots more, and this song simply has that magical euphoric feeling that gives me goosebumps every time…. We wrote ‘River’ after a conversation about how healing water can be, both physically and emotionally. We hope it will be an anthem for people needing to feel the weightlessness and serenity you feel when you float in a river, letting the water wash over you.”

Andrew Rayel

In writing about the healing properties of water, Rayel and AIDYL manage to create a truly memorable track. One that is calm, positive, and overall good energy. It’s perfect to listen to when you need a mood boost, or are in need of some trance to wash the worries away.

You can listen to ‘River‘ below!