As part of the forthcoming Anjunadeep Reflections Part 3, Olan presents what may be one of the most loved tracks on the compilation. ‘Push‘ combines various chill elements to invite you to a complete meditation. It’s a moment to enjoy this landscape filled with ambient, chillout, and downtempo music.

The third chapter of Anjunadeep’s calmest and deepest compilation is coming next July 9th. As a sample, Olan has released her contribution. To the rhythm of ambient music, Push invites us to reflect on what we have done in recent months.

The Journey Through ‘Push’

This track promises to be the push you need to get out of that hole you’re stuck in. Whether it’s a breakup, quitting the job we hate – and with it, the risk that that decision entails, the pandemic, or something else, many situations can often make us fall into a period of sadness and hopelessness. ‘Push’ is for that moment. All this accompanies us with a warm melody that reaches our soul.

The intimate voices, along with the quiet organic tones and the fluidity of the theme, create a sense of unearthly calm and eeriness. This production is very environmental and brings romantic nuances to its melodies. This piece is a journey through a melodic sea in which we discover many nuances in the form of sounds.

Olan is undoubtedly a rising star, and this single suggests that she has much to give. We don’t doubt that she will be one of the next big names in the downtempo world. Don’t forget that her contribution to this compilation album has received support from BBC Radio 1. So put on your headphones and let yourself be carried away by this wonderful track – soon to be part of a sensational compilation.

Listen to ‘Push’ by Olan below.